• Group and team working dynamics are fascinating to our agile coaches.
  • Studying and identifying the teams, how to improve to attain bigger bang for the bucks, are areas where our agile coaches closely get involved.
  • Agile teams often get the signature concepts of the Agile Manifesto through class-room trainings and a few iterations of try-outs.
  • Once trained and initial agile disciplines are identified, it only takes a few iterations of work and following the agile practices to get the agile concepts in motion. At that point, the illusion for the team could be, "Hey we are agile, we function all right.".
  • The Agile disciplines like the story sizing, task break-downs, acceptance criteria identification, daily stand-ups are fairly easy to get used to, no big deal there.
  • The real challenge, in our opinion, starts once the team identifies a whole new world of agility to benefit from with ever improving results.
  • Along with the higher and higher performance, comes the work satisfaction. This is where the agile coaches shine. This is where the agile coaches identify tricks and techniques that create durable and versatile yet sustainable growth in team productivity.
  • And the journey to a high performing team begins.