• To be agile is to embrace the agile mindset, the belief in agile manifesto and then acting on the belief through the practices of agile principles
  • Agile Manifesto has been depicted through 4 values and 12 principles.
  • Core belief system for the would be agilists may have to be shaken at the root here.
  • People will naturally throw strong arguments in favor and otherwise.
  • While the passion may show its true rigor, the feelings are genuine and will need to be discussed thoroughly among the team members for these ideas behind the agile manifesto to settle in.
  • The combination of values and principles discussion will take shapes in people's minds with open opinions, one's version of certain understanding of a principle to name a few.
  • Discomfort, agitation, feeling of change, all are normal for a team poised to discover their true ability.
  • This is truly challenging.
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