Agile Overviwe

Agile is really a manifestation of "agility", the agile mindset. Although to some extent it is true that Agile is a software development process. Once adopted, the team gets in to the rhythm of value-driven thinking. Agile adoption is a journey, it would be very relevant discussion to understand the difference between Agile, Scrum and XP or Extreme Programming disciplines. These terms are used frequently in the agile community. These ways of thinking play a critical role when explaining agile adoption approaches. Agile is a mindset defined by its values and principles manifested through the embraced practices by teams. Agile, as defined by the signatories of the Agile Manifesto, does not dictate any specific practices, but leaves the concept open to any set of practices that help manifest or achieve the vales and principles in an organization. Scrum, similar to XP, are a pre-bundled set of agile practices.

This is our Agile Foundation Class. This is a 3-day course full of hands on interactive sessions, with hands-on exploration of agile principles and practices.. Through an engaging combination of discussion, group interaction, case studies and Real World focused workshops, you will learn not only how to apply Agile, but will gain the experience necessary to immediately implement Agile practices that are appropriate for your teams. The course provides an in-depth examination of the agile project lifecycle as well as the different roles and responsibilities of the project team, it covers backlog creation and management, as well as agile planning.

The incremental and iterative nature of agile development makes requirements tricky. Upfront documentation feels like a straight jacket, but operating without structure can lead to chaos. User stories, an XP technique, can optimize how you elicit, analyze, and manage your requirements. We'll explore personas, story decomposition, and story mapping. Scaling Quality in Agile Teams.

Everyone on an agile team shares in the challenge of delivering quality. In this highly collaborative workshop, you'll learn what it means to build a product right and what it means to build the right product. Our trainers have years of experience helping clients improve their quality. They'll teach you to apply best practices and see results.

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